Hoiio Open API

In order for us to provide a reliable service, we need to impose fair use restrictions on some of the APIs. This includes:

As different APIs have different limits, you will need to refer to the API Limits section for each of the API you use. Each API limit is also independent; exceeding the limit of one API does not affect the limit of another API.

Lastly, don’t expect every API to have a limit. For instance, you can send SMS as fast as you want. We only impose limits to ensure fair use and reliability.

What happens when you exceed the limit?

When you exceed the limit for an API, you will receive an error response for the API request. You should always handle API limits error, and rectify as necessary eg. throttle your request or try again later.

If your app requires more than the given limits, you may email us at developer@hoiio.com and we will review on a case-by-case basis.