Hoiio Open API

When you create an application in the Hoiio Developer Portal, you will be assigned an Application ID (app_id) and an Access Token (access_token).

Application ID This is an identifier for us to know who is calling our API. It is linked to the application you have created at the Developer Portal.
Access Token This is a secret key that represents an authorization for controlled access or usage of a Hoiio account by a particular application. Keep this key a secret. If you suspect your Access Token is compromised, dispose it and create a new one.

Best Practices

You should keep your Access Token a secret. Anyone possessing the Access Token will be allowed to make API requests which might incur unauthorized charges to the rightful owner.

Like passwords, not sharing the Application ID and Access Token to anyone else is the best way of keeping your keys secret. However, you should avoid the common pitfall many beginner programmers fall into - unwittingly exposing the keys. The following highlight the do’s and don’ts to avoid such a mistake.