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app_id string
Application ID assigned to your application.
access_token string
Access Token assigned to your application.
txn_ref string
The unique reference ID for the call transaction in a conference room you want to moderate.
action string
The action you want to perform on the call transaction. Possible values are: kick: Kick the object from the room. mute: Mute the object in the room. unmute: Unmute the object in the room.

Result Format



This API allows you to moderate a conference that is currently in progress.

Response Parameters

status The result of your request. Refer to Result Status for details.

Result Status

success_ok The request has been processed successfully.
error_invalid_http_method Invalid HTTP method. Only GET or POST are allowed.
error_malformed_params HTTP POST request parameters contains non-readable bytes.
error_X_param_missing A required parameter is missing. X is the name of the parameter that is missing.
error_invalid_access_token Your Access Token is invalid, expired or has been revoked.
error_invalid_app_id Your Application ID is invalid or has been revoked.
error_rate_limit_exceeded You have exceeded your request limit for this API. Refer to API Limits for details.
error_internal_server_error There is an unexpected error. Please contact Hoiio support for assistance.



API Limits

60 requests per minute per application