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Developer accounts are free to sign up. You will need to provide your email address and mobile number as part of the registration process. Based on your location, the credit balance will be using one of the supported currencies. Charges will also be deducted in your local currency when you use certain billable APIs (such as calls and SMS). You will be able to top up your account via Paypal, credit cards or E-Nets in your Developer Portal.

In your account, there are 2 types of credit balance: Hoiio Points and Bonus Points. You can use both type of credit balance to pay for your services (Bonus Points will be used first if you have any). The difference between these 2 type of credit balances are:

Difference between Hoiio Points and Bonus Points

  Hoiio Points Bonus Points
Source of credit Topups Rewards and refunds
Usage Priority Second First

The Account API will allow developers to check their credit balances and other account information.