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app_id* string
Application ID assigned to your application.
access_token* string
Access Token assigned to your application.

Result Format

            "capabilities": [
            "capabilities": [

This API retrieves the list of Hoiio Numbers that is assigned to your application and their current configuration.

Response Parameters

status The result of your request. Refer to Result Status for details.  
total_entries_count The total number of available number entries in the country specified in the request.  
entries_count The number of available number entries returned in this response.  
entries This parameter is returned as a list. Each entry in the list represents an available Hoiio Number. The parameters for each entry are:  
  number The Hoiio Number assigned to your application. Phone numbers start with a “+” and country code (E.164 format), e.g. +6511111111.
  forward_to A fully-qualified HTTP/S URL on your web server to be notified when there is an incoming call to this Hoiio Number. See IVR API - Incoming Calls for details.
  forward_sms_to A fully-qualified HTTP/S URL on your web server to be notified when there is an incoming SMS to this Hoiio Number. See SMS API - Receive SMS for details.
  mode Whether this number is configured for incoming voice calls or fax. Possible values are: voice, fax.
  expiry The expiry date for this Hoiio Number in "YYYY-MM-DD" format (GMT+8).
  auto_extend_status Whether this number is automatically extended. Allowed values: enabled, disabled.
  country The country that this Hoiio Number belong to in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.
  state The state that this Hoiio Number belong to in ISO 3166-2 format. Is an empty string if the number is not state specific.
  capability An array of capabilities that the number supports. Possible capabilities are ‘VOICE’, ‘SMS’ and ‘FAX’.

Result Status

success_ok The request has been processed successfully.
error_invalid_http_method Invalid HTTP method. Only GET or POST are allowed.
error_malformed_params HTTP POST request parameters contains non-readable bytes.
error_X_param_missing A required parameter is missing. X is the name of the parameter that is missing.
error_invalid_access_token Your Access Token is invalid, expired or has been revoked.
error_invalid_app_id Your Application ID is invalid or has been revoked.
error_rate_limit_exceeded You have exceeded your request limit for this API. Refer to API Limits for details.
error_internal_server_error There is an unexpected error. Please contact Hoiio support for assistance.



API Limits

60 request per minute per application